Why Choose Authors Alley?

  • Keep Your Profits

    With Authors Alley the author gets to keep 100% of the profits for every book sold!

  • Be Your Own Boss

    Manage the sales and distribution yourself or have us do it for you.

  • Personal Web Page

    Author receives a personal web page from which they can sell their books!

  • We Distribute

    We can distribute your books and fulfill orders just like Amazon.

  • Tech Support

    Authors web page includes hosting, search engine optimization, tech support, and social media plugins!

  • We Only Sell Books!

    Our goal is to build an online community of authors not only buying and selling books, but sharing experiences and tips with each other.


  • "We’ve been in the printing/publishing business for over 40 years and I have never seen a better resource for authors. Our self-published authors not only received a beautiful web site for a fraction of the price but were able to sell their books for 100% royalties. I wouldn’t send authors anywhere other then Authors Alley to sell their books."

    Billy Ashby, A&A Printing Tampa FL